Sweet Dip Survey

Would you buy it?

We are conducting a survey on our upcoming sweet dip product

A few notes:

  • The product is a whipped cream/cream cheese-based dip in a variety of sweet flavors that is meant as a snacking/dessert option.
  • Our dessert dip can serve as a standalone sweet snack, be used as a party dip, or can be served as a dessert on its own.
  • Please share any other thoughts at the end of this short survey. We value your feedback!

Sweet Dip Survey

Which option do you like best? *
Do you like the lighter more washed out colors, or the darker option?
Would you pick it up? *
Would you pick it up?
How likely would you be to pick up either item over the other one?
I'd at least pick up and look at the lighter labeled version
I'd at least pick up and look at the darker labeled version
Naming *
What do you think of the name and packaging?
"Dipping Delights" is a good name for this product
I immediately understand what the product is from the packaging
I would feel comfortable asking someone to pick up "Dipping Delights" from the store
Are there any ideas you have that would make this stronger, or is it great as it is?
Name *
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Option A - Darker Lid


Option B - Lighter Lid