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5 Trends Millennial and iGen Consumers Are Looking For in Refrigerated Dips and Spreads

5 Trends Millennial and iGen Consumers Are Looking For in Refrigerated Dips and Spreads


In 2019, Millennials and iGen consumers are gravitating towards chilled dips. In fact, Mintel reports that 67% of Millennials bought a refrigerated dip product within the last six months, outpacing all other generations and proving that dips are more appealing more than ever to newer generations.  Here are five ways retailers are breaking through the clutter with our youngest generation:

1.Eye-catching Packaging

There are multiple factors that influence the purchase of these dips and spreads such as new flavors, brand, and packaging. In comparison to the general population the Millennial and iGen generations have proven to be the most impacted by packaging. In fact, 6 out of 10 Millennials state that they look at a product labels or packaging before buying. Millennials also reported that they specifically preferred single-serve packaging over the general population.

2. Vegan and Vegetarian Options

Reportedly 26% of Millennials are vegetarian or vegan. In addition, 1/3 of the meat-eating population is experimenting with  meat-free diets. This increases the appeal of vegetarian and vegan options into a wide market for those who are looking to keep meat out of their diets.

3. Fresh and Familiar Flavors

In terms of flavor, the iGeneration more than any other is statistically shown to prefer familiar flavors, while the overall panel preferred seeking out new flavors, according to Mintel Consumer Research Panels. In the flavors preferred by iGen consumers, freshness dominated with specific interest in fresh salsas and other regional dip flavors. Millennials also reportedly preferred sweet flavors significantly more than the general population.

4.Minimally Processed Foods

With an eye for locally sourced ingredients, 72% of Millennials are looking for claims that convey minimal processing in their foods and 30% search for certain nutrients (or lack thereof) on nutrition labels. In fact, roughly 1/3 of Millennials and iGen consumers’ shopping baskets are composed or organic foods.

5. Healthier Options

With an overwhelming amount of trend diets and lifestyle fads, Millennials and iGen consumers everywhere are looking to make healthier choices and 48% admitted they consume healthier options even if it costs more. Education of these healthy choices is important and is a market for the 64% of moms who said they would like assistance with healthy food choices.

Now more than ever, the convenience of pre-made, chilled dips and spreads are in demand. Specifically, these consumers are looking for appealing and convenient packaging, fresh, familiar flavor options, vegetarian, vegan and minimally processed options, as well as overall healthier choices.

Matt Haskell