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4 Ways to Attract Shoppers to In-Store Bakeries

 4 Ways to Attract Shoppers to In-Store Bakeries

How are you driving customers to the in-store bakery, and how are you delivering quality?

1. Focus on health positive elements


As the demand for gluten-free items continues to increase, so the obstacle for bakeries that don’t offer gluten-free items increases. However, focusing on health positive elements by labeling products with claims such as “made with whole grains,” “high fiber,” or “no preservatives” will still allow in-store bakeries to appeal to a health-conscious market, an IDDBA report suggests.

2. Carry items that appeal to the younger generation

According to an IDDBA report, the primary shopping demographics are seniors and families with children. By producing innovative treats that appeal to children, in-store bakeries are bound to attract higher sales.

3. Offer clean label items

As clean labels are now majorly influencing shoppers, the IDDBA reports young consumers are especially looking towards organic and natural options. In fact, bakery items with short lists of ingredients are more popular now than ever before.

4. Produce portion-controlled options

Indulgence is still indulgence. But don’t you feel less guilty when you only have a bite of indulgence as opposed to a whole serving? The same concept appeals to shoppers. An IDDBA report confirms this thinking and states that mini and bite-sized options are becoming more and more popular in in-store bakeries.

As consumers are more health-conscious than ever, a big part of being able to keep interest in what in-store bakeries have to offer is by appealing to that majority. However, the future of in-store bakeries lie in the hands of the children the products appeal to as well. Be sure to follow these 4 steps to appeal to both!

Matt Haskell