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Trends in Consumer Shopping Habits in Fresh Ready to Eat


Trends in Consumer Shopping Habits in Fresh Ready to Eat

Flavor profiles aren’t the only thing trending in 2019. Trends in how consumers are shopping are here as well.

In this day and age convenience is key, and an IDDBA report shows just that. For example, the report showed that the more steps of preparation a product saved for the customer, the better it was regarded. This is seen first hand as Mintel reported a correlation in families with children gravitating towards dips. This also means that dips with flavors appealing to children could help drive those purchases.

Packaging has also become a major area of influence in consumer purchases. Mintel identified that a minimalistic approach using clear and simple packaging is a trend in consumer preference. According to an IDDBA report, single serve packages and snacking sizes are also quite popular as over 80% of consumers have a substantial snack at least once a day with some of those being a meal replacing snack.

In addition to the minimalistic approach of packaging, labeling has also become a hot topic. Private labels are appealing more and more to consumers as companies like Aldi and Lidl almost exclusively provide private label items. In fact, an IDDBA report states that 81% of consumers are purchasing a private label on every shopping trip, and 60% of consumers want to see more private brand options in fresh departments, according to Daymon Worldwide.

 In terms of deli purchases, active sampling events were ranked as the most influential factor, according to Progressive Grocer Research, whereas special feature days were shown to draw in more customers, according to FMI research. Either way, both methods are trends seen in how consumers are being influenced to purchase.

According to an IDDBA report, one challenge being faced is how to teach consumers to easily turn ingredients and components into a meal. That being said, it’s no wonder meal kits are continuing to grow at 26% dollar and unit growth.

As trends in flavor continue to change, how consumers are being influenced to purchase changes as well. In conclusion, convenience is in high demand with portioned snacks and single serving products being well received. Minimalistic approaches to packaging and private labels are highly preferred, and consumers are intrigued by samples and deal days.

Matt Haskell